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MSc, BSc, ANutr, ISAK, UKAD Advisor

I am a Registered Sports Nutritionist, MSc Sports Nutrition, BSc, ISAK Level 1, UKAD Advisor.  My current roles include Performance Nutritionist at CPFC Academy, Bromley FC, The Bird Dance College and individual work with professional and recreational athletes across various sports, with an emphasis on combat & weight making sports and young athletes.   


Nutrition is so often unnecessarily overcomplicated or miscommunicated so it’s good to go back to basics and fill in the knowledge gaps.   There are so many fad diets around and people are constantly being bombarded with conflicting advice, ‘facts’ and bold claims about nutrition and health that are largely unsupported by scientific evidence.  By applying the most up to date  evidence, I can develop a personal nutritional plan tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals.  There is no effective blanket approach to nutrition, therefore, I work with clients to develop easy to follow, healthy and sustainable eating plans that suit their lifestyles whilst promoting optimal physical and mental wellbeing and reducing the risk of illness.  


No matter whether clients are recreational or professional athletes, it’s always important to encourage them to think about what they’re eating and whether it’s going to help or hinder performance.  The key is education; if I can communicate sports nutrition science and research in a user-friendly way, then I'm doing a good job.  The aim is to develop autonomous clients that can confidently make informed decisions about what they’re eating, when and why, wherever they may be.


In addition to an MSc and BSc, I am also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and have a background in working with young offenders; skills and experience that have proved highly effective in helping to motivate clients to achieve their goals.

I also think it’s important to practice what I preach and road test my nutrition advice.  I’ve done several marathons and triathlons and I’m always training for something and up for a new challenge and always horribly competitive.  I know that getting my nutrition right makes a big difference to how I perform and recover.

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