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Whether you are an elite level or recreational athlete, understanding the relationship between what you eat and how you perform can make such a difference to what you get out of your sport, both in terms of results and enjoyment, especially if you have a competitive nature.  Nutrition is often a bit of an afterthought but it’s actually an easy win in terms of performance goals so should be considered a key part of the training process.  The right nutrition not only aids performance and accelerates the benefits you see from your exercise, but it can also reduce the risk of injury and illness and therefore help to avoid missed training days.

If you're not training or performing as well as you had hoped, it's likely that your training load and your fueling aren't matching up.   Are you over training / under fueling?  Finding the balance between these is key to getting the best out of yourself.


Often people have a general idea of what to eat around their training but can struggle to make it practical and realistic for their lifestyle and training schedule or have been given misleading advice.  So, we’ll work together to look through your current nutrition & body composition, alongside your training schedule, performance goals, lifestyle and taste preferences and tailor advice specific to your goals.

Personal Nutrition Programmes:  What's involved?  

  • Goal setting - performance / body composition / health markers

  • Analysis of current nutrition, using Nutritics software,  to identify areas that need addressing

  • Testing: ISAK skinfold measurements + metabolic testing  (see TESTING)

  • Individual nutrition & hydration plans & supplement advice

  • Membership to nutrition resource & recipe software

  • Discounts on certain Informed Sport batch tested sports products

Elite sport experience: boxing, MMA, Judo, football, rugby, triathlon, endurance running 


I have a wealth of experience with weight making athletes, using evidence-based practice to ensure they make weight safely.  See client testimonials.


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